The historic storms this winter have caused catastrophic damage to our coastline, with devastating impacts to Seacliff State Beach. Recovery from this climate-driven disaster will take time and require significant resources. 

Core elements of Seacliff State Beach’s critical infrastructure and visitor amenities have suffered immense damage that will be assessed in the coming weeks and months, with clean-up response and recovery planning already underway.

Though it is painful to consider the devastation to this park, the experience provides an opportunity to be strategic about rebuilding and ensuring resilience in the era of climate change and its impacts on Seacliff State Beach.

Through our unique position as co-management partners with California State Parks, Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks has established the Seacliff State Beach Recovery Fund. The fund will provide short-term support, followed by investments in long-term recovery work to ensure public access and environmental protection at Seacliff State Beach.

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